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Promote AdaptiveHousePlans.com plans through any number of mediums and earn commissions!

How Does Our Affiliate Program Work?

Step #1

On your site or from email marketing, a visitor clicks on an affiliate link which leads to AdaptiveHousePlans.com

Step #2

The visitor’s IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking.

Step #3

Within 12 months the visitor comes back to our website to purchase a House Plan.

Step #4

The order will be registered as an affiliate sale for you and you will receive a 10% commission.

Why Should You Join Us?

We’re accepting applications for partners around the globe to work with in promoting Adaptive House Plans, and in return, we’re offering excellent compensation, advanced analytics & more. In the North America alone, there were 1,118,000 single-family houses built in 2022. All these projects started with a house plan of some kind. Reach people who want to build a house and get paid a commission!

Affiliate Dashboard

A dashboard to track your performance, view earnings, retrieve your referral URL, find creatives, and more!

Real Time Statistics

Track referred visits, referrals, earnings and order details all in real-time!

Affiliate Coupon Codes

Provide your referrals with Adaptive House Plans coupons and promotional codes. Double your referral conversion ratings!

White-Listed Domains

No more lengthy referral URL’s and lost opportunities. White-list your website or domain name and rest assured your referrals are being tracked!

Affiliate Program Details

With a base commission rate of 10% on house plans themselves, you have the potential to make thousands of $$ per month marketing Adaptive House Plans! On top of leading-edge technology & great customer support, we also provide the following

Calling on...everyone!

We want to work with you if you have a website or a blog. Sign-up, choose from one of our many banners or ads, insert your simple referring URL or custom coupon code and BOOM! You earn a nice commission!

PayPal - Get paid quick

Fast, free & secure, PayPal will deliver the funds directly to your bank account. All we need is your email address; you’ll receive your commissions at the end of each month.

Offers visitors a discount

You get unique 10% discount code that you can offer to your visitors. Additionally, it allows you to track your visitor’s purchase, in case of lost or deleted cookies.

Our House Plan Collections

You could set up a portfolio of our house plans on your website and link them back with an affiliate link to each house plan page.

Pre-designed house plans are a cost-effective solution that offer a more robust drawing package while saving both time and money for anyone looking to build a house.

Are You Ready To Earn?

Why wouldn’t you be, so let’s team up! Take a few seconds and complete the form, once vilified, we’ll get you approved and registered as an Adaptive House Plans Affiliate!

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