The Adaptive House Plans Process

Permit ready garage plans are only a click away!

With a little bit of prior research, the process to obtaining the plans to your dream project is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Use the the following step-by-step guide to assist you in selecting the perfect plans. Whether you’re looking for house plans, carriage house blueprints, a laneway home or permit ready garage plans, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve tailored many of our house plans and blueprints to the more stringent standards of the larger cities like Vancouver, Victoria & Kelowna but anything can be customized to fit your specific needs.


Check your local by-laws


Choose a Garage or Carriage House Plan


Choose the Number of Blueprint Sets


Grab a PDF or CAD file


You're Ready to Start Construction!

Step #1

Check Your Local Zoning Bylaws

Before you can decide on the perfect set of house plans or blueprints, you need to determine what your building lot & local zoning bylaw will allow for. In particular the square footage, lot coverage, building placement and height.

Keep These Elements in Mind...
  1. Size & square footage allowable?

  2. Where can it be placed?

  3. Size & square footage allowable?

  4. What’s required with your permit application?

Look it Up On Your Own...

Take a look on-line and download a copy of your local zoning by-law.

A quick search for “your municipality name” followed by the words “zoning bylaw” into Google’s search engine should give you quick access to the necessary documents.

Ask Your Building Department

Alternatively, try calling or emailing your local building department. Be prepared to provide your address as well as describe what you intend to do.

They will be able to confirm the limitations you’re new cottage or garage plans will have to fit within, thus allowing you to choose the correct plan for your lot.

Step #2

Choose a Cottage, Laneway home or Garage Plan

Now that you’re armed with your zoned limitations, take some time to browse through our growing selection of plans. Adaptive House Plans & Blueprints offers many permit ready garage plans, cottage blueprints, laneway house blueprints, & carriage house plans to choose from. Ensure that the plans you decide on not only suite your fancy but meets the rigors of Step #1 as well!

Here's three prime ways to find your perfect blueprint or house plan:

Step #3

Choose the Number of Blueprint Sets

Now that you’ve found youjr perfect set of blueprints or house plans, you’ll need to decide on the number of hard copy sets you want shipped to you. All our plan packages come with two sets of prints, with the option to add additional sets.

Included With Your Purchase:

2 Sets of Prints

Included within base product price.
Add Additional Sets of Drawings:

$60.00 CDN

To add an additional two sets.
Upgrade & Add a Digital PDF File

$195.00 CDN

Add an e-reader compatible digital PDF and review your plans on your iPad or Android phone!
permit ready garage plans

Step #4

Grab a CAD file and Customize your Plans!

For a nominal fee that varies by plan category, CAD files can save you thousands over hiring a design professional for a custom design.

What is a CAD File?

AutoCAD dwg file formatCAD or Computer Aided Design files, are a complete set of architectural blueprints plans. These plans are formatted in the industry standard electronic file format of a .dwg and can be opened and modified in any professional grade CAD design program.

CAD files are very useful when you want to make significant design changes and not just small, note based amendments. In most cases you will need to hire a local design professional or draftsman to make the changes as Adaptive House Plans & Blueprints can’t handle the demand for modifications in house.

We Use Leading Software

Autodesk Logo

As architectural professionals, we employ the latest software technology from the leading design software company Autodesk. Using Revit Information Modeling for all our plans means they’re more accurate, therefore are problem giving our clients the best opportunity to build their dreams!

How Does Your CAD File Purchase Work?

Unlike with your base product purchase or PDF file upgrade, your CAD file(s) purchase includes a copyright release certificate. This will allow your designer to legally make changes to the copyrighted plans for one single project.

Upon completion of your purchase, our support team will email you your certificate, along with instructions on how to designate your designer, collect their details and forward the licensing agreement. Once we have received the signed agreement, the CAD file(s) will then be emailed to you.

Step #5

Complete Your Purchase by Debit or Credit!

We’re proud to work with our partners at Paypal & Stripe to offer a variety of payment options under one secure umbrella. Visa, Mastercard & Interac Debit are all options; not to mention the benefits of paying with Apple Pay directly from the convenience of your iPhone.

100% Secure & PCI Compliant

permit ready garage plansYour security and the transaction of your personal information between our servers & partners is 100% secure & PCI compliant.

Check Your Email!

Once your payment has been processed, your order will commence the fulfillment process the same day. Therefore check your email as you’ll receive account login details with several documents you’ll have instant access to.

Digital PDF Delivery

If you upgraded your package to add a digital PDF to your permit ready garage plans, you will receive the link to your account login right away. In addition to the account login you’ll receive a link to instantly download your PDF file.

Payment Gateway Options

permit ready garage plans
permit ready garage plans

Hard Copy Shipping

If you ordered printed hard copy sets of blueprints, they’ll ship from our Kelowna BC office. Orders received before 1:00pm pacific time will be shipped the same day, ensuring you’ll receive them quickly.

CAD Files & Modifications

If you upgraded your package to add a digital CAD file, you will receive these files as soon as your designer has provided the signed license agreement as described under step #4..

What can you expect to receive?

Adaptive House Plans & Blueprints not only provides the most detailed, easy to read blueprints, but we include easy to follow step-by-step instructions as well. As a result, you’ll know exactly what to expect and how to apply for a building permit; one step at a time!

If you still have questions or need some clarification, no problem, we’re here to help! Contact us 365 days a year, and we’ll get back to you within 4 hours.

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