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Craftsman – 20′ x 20′ Detached Two-Car Garage


The Craftsman – A premium grade 20′ x 20′ craftsman style two-car garage featuring a gable roof, classic era design elements, a complete trim package, several windows along two sides and 348 square feet of interior floor space.


Craftsman – 20′ x 20′ Detached Two-Car Garage

Craftsman – 20′ x 20′ Detached Two-Car Garage

Measuring 20′ x 20′, this Craftsman-style garage plan features a single gable roof, several large windows along the side and back and a single entrance with a small awning roof and brackets.

With 348 SF of interior floor space, this 20′ wide x 20′ deep detached two-car garage plan is ideal if you’d like to break it up into a small studio!

Quick Facts

Craftsman – 20′ x 20′ Detached Two-Car Garage

The Exterior:

Craftsman – 20′ x 20′ Detached Two-Car Garage

The Craftsman 20’x20′ Detached Two-Car Garage is a craftsman-style garage plan and a staff favourite. Starting with the exterior fascia and heavy wooden trim, classic craftsman details articulate a flavour of nostalgia you’d expect to find on a well-appointed West Coast home.

Complete with painted skirting & head trim, a well-rounded architectural trim package covers everything you’ll need for a garage you can be proud of.

The asphalt shingle roofing over the engineered truss roof is quick and easy to build and will last a medieval lifetime. The attic overhead offers some potential storage space, so a hatch is specified.

With 21″ roof overhangs and a gravel rock pit for your two-pipe drainage system, this garage fits perfectly on any Vancouver building lot. It will easily slide through the City of Vancouver’s permit application process or any other large municipality.

The Interior:

Craftsman – 20′ x 20′ Detached Two-Car Garage

On the interior, you have a painted drywall finish with two parking stalls; each measuring 18′-8″ deep x 9′-4″ wide.

Access to the garage comes from a dedicated garage entrance off a 36″ wide side entrance door or through the two 8′ wide by 7′ tall rolling overhead garage doors.

The Craftsman 20’x20′ Detached Two-Car Garage has a finished floor-to-ceiling height of 9′-0″, thus leaving some room to amend the plans to an 8′ tall overhead door if you so choose.

Windows are placed at 42″ above the concrete floor, meaning a workbench or freezer can fit nicely beneath. Ceiling-mounted compact fluorescent lights are typical inside, with several wall receptacles specified off of a 60 AMP electrical sub-panel.

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This Plan Package Includes:

Craftsman – 20′ x 20′ Detached Two-Car Garage

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Craftsman – 20′ x 20′ Detached Two-Car Garage
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100% satisfaction guarantee

Craftsman – 20′ x 20′ Detached Two-Car Garage

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3D perspective of Craftsman style two-car garage design
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Adaptive Plans Inc.

Product Line

Parking Stalls

2 Stalls


20'-0" (6.09m)


20'-0" (6.10m)

Building height

Under 5m (16.40ft), Under 6m (19.68ft), Under 7m (22.97ft), Under 8m (26.25ft), Under 9m (29.52ft)


400 sf

Square Footage

348 sf

Interior Ceiling Height

9 Feet

Vaulted Ceilings


Garage Door Width

2 x 8 Feet

Garage Door Height

7 Feet



Climatic Zone

BC – Zone 4, BC – Zone 5 to 7a, BC – Zone 7b & 8

Cladding Type

Cedar Shake Siding, Cementitious Fiberboard Siding

Roof Style

Gable Roof

Roof Slope

6:12 Slope

Roof Structure

Engineered Trusses

Roofing Material

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Roof Overhang

21 Inches

Number of Windows

2 Windows



Covered Entry




Construction Details

Electrical Plan, Footing Detail, Foundation Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Soffit Detail

Foundation Type

8" Concrete Foundation on 24" Wide Strip Footings

Structural Engineering Included



24"x36" Architectural Bond Paper, CAD File, PDF File





Scratch Set


Pottery Studio


Virtual Reality Tour


30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

3 reviews for Craftsman – 20′ x 20′ Detached Two-Car Garage

  1. Michelle Cheung

    this is what I’m looking for but there’s no way it will fit in my yard 🙁 i think in need a one car garage. do you have one like this in a one car?

  2. Tina T

    My husband and I picked this for our house in Kelowna. We where told it would fit in our backyard and it did, we didn’t have to change anything.

  3. Mike R.

    I’m a contractor my clients brought these plans to me wanting me to build it. I couldn’t believe they bought it online for $550, the quality is way better then anything I’ve used in the past. No doubt I’ll be using these guys again.

    • Megan

      Hi Mike, thank you for the kind words. I’ve private massaged you about a professional package we offer contractors and builders. This will save you money, and allow you to have access to all our plans. Please contact me directly with any questions or to set it up.

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